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We provide our children with a well rounded curriculum which includes many additional events and visits throughout the year. Some of these are annual events such as:


* Two visiting theatre company visits for the whole school

* Annual Music Days for whole school

* Spring Concert for junior children

* Junior Christmas Carol Service, Infant Christmas Play, Reception Christmas Sing-a-Long

* Special Annual Weeks - Enrichment week with special visiting workshops - alternation between       'Sport & Health' & 'The Arts; Mental Health Week and Book Week

* Year 3 Free Whole Year Group Brass Lessons for 10 weeks

* Year 6 Camp (Residential) - Great Wood or Charterhouse

* Year 5/6 STEM day with Leonardo Helicopters

* Year 5 visit to Mulberry Farm

* Every class has at least one visit per year, but often we do two visits and local activities

* Many annual sporting competitions and events 


Example of Activities