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Sport at East Coker Primary


Hello All, 


It’s my FAVOURITE time of year!! SPORTS DAY!!


It is going to be very different this year, but it doesn’t mean we miss out!! 



So this week I have 7 activities for you to do. 

These make up the RAINBOW games, and provide an opportunity for all of our wonderful children to take part whether they are in school or at home. All 7 activities can be found here. Children in school will do these on Wednesday 8th July, children at home can choose to do them all at once, or throughout the week. 

Each activity is adapted for the child’s age group. 


Once all activities are completed, children’s results can be emailed to me or uploaded to Edmodo. The results from each child will be added to their House Teams, with the winning house being awarded the House Cup and owed a non-uniform day in the autumn term. 

The Rainbow Games Values!

Sports Newsletter - Autumn Term 2 2019

Sports Newsletter Autumn Term 1 2019

We are very proud of our sporting tradition at East Coker. We have achieved great sporting success in many competitions over the years and we aim to continue this throughout the forthcoming academic year.


We are committed to making sport accessible to all and are always looking for ways to engage our less active students. We have and aim to continue to introduce a variety of sports and activities so that ALL the children in the school have access to sporting opportunities.



During the Autumn Term we have a wide range of sporting clubs available and we will continuously look improve these provisions throughout the academic year. Alongside the clubs we will also participate in a number of fixtures in order to provide children with various levels of competition.


Clubs this term are:

  • Multiskills
  • Football
  • Tag Rugby
  • Netball
  • Running
  • Girls Football
  • Sportshall Athletics


Inter-House Competitions

This year we will also be hosting Inter-House competitions to provide access to competition for ALL pupils in the school. These will be organised so that the children can have fun and use the skills they have developed in their clubs and/or PE lessons to compete with their peers in a safe environment.


To coincide with the rugby world cup the Autumn Term's competition will be Tag Rugby.



Throughout the academic year a range of fixtures are available for the children to participate in. These competitions enable the children to experience competitive sport at a lower level whilst still providing enjoyment. Sports such as Netball, Football, Tag rugby are key fixtures within  the Autumn Term calendar but there are other opportunities such as Boccia, Indoor Athletics and KS1 sports festivals.


A list of potential dates are provided below, these are some of the events happening throughout the Autumn Term, however we have not confirmed entry to all of them at present, and they are subject to change! As with most fixtures numbers are limited so we have to make decisions about which children are able to attend each fixture, so please refer to any letters the children may bring home.


Cross Country

We are incredibly proud of the children at East Coker who show such willingness to run. The number of children we take to Cross Country races is incredible. Cross Country is open to ALL and anyone who wishes to race is encouraged to do so, even if they do not attend the running club, just see Mrs Webber and she can get a letter or the letters are available in the office prior to the race.