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Visions and Values

Mission Statement


Our aim is to give the children of East Coker School a balance of academic and wider experiences and knowledge to grow into well-rounded, compassionate and confident young people with a strong sense of community.










We are respectful of others’ differences, beliefs and property.

We understand how our actions affect others and our community and we have a sense of compassion and care for ourselves, others and our world.

We develop supportive relationships with our peers.

We have the courage to take risks and make mistakes and to stand up for what is right.

We will develop the skills and strategies to have the confidence to meet challenge with resilience and strive to do our best.

We have a sense of ambition and curiosity and are given opportunities to explore our individuality.

We have the independence and confidence to embrace the variety of opportunities offered and try new things.




Children develop a strong sense of respect and compassion through the many roles they undertake including: buddies, school council, ambassadors, house captains, organisers of charity events, sports leaders and digital leaders.


We promote the importance of respect and compassion through assemblies, visits, visitors and pupil participation in events focusing on a strong sense of team spirit.


Courage and determination are encouraged through the childrens’ leadership roles, our house system and house meetings, presentations to the school, music concerts, shows, music tuition and sports competitions in and out of school.


High pupil participation in the many varied opportunities provided by the school offers children the chance to develop their independence


Creative opportunities include special enrichment weeks, external art, sport and music opportunities, school clubs and an inspiring curriculum.