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I am not in the school catchment area, will I be able to get a place?

We currently take in 38 pupils each year in Reception. Following the recent opening of two new schools in Yeovil, we take approximately 36 pupils on roll each year. Therefore, all first choice applications are usually successful whether in or out of the catchment area. 


What adult support will my child get in addition to their class teacher?

Each class has a teaching assistant every morning to support with the core subjects. For our Reception children, there is a teaching assistant supporting in the afternoons and additional adult time for extra learning support, if required. In all other classes teaching assistant time in the afternoon is for additional support and interventions. We have a sports coach who works with every class at least once a week. We also have additional Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistants who support with individual and small group interventions and Forest School provision.



How are the children taught in mixed age classes?

We currently have a mix of single age and mixed age classes. The classes are created on mixed ability.


Every child is taught the appropriate curriculum for their age regardless of mixed year groups in one class. Teachers ensure the children are taught the correct learning objectives for their year group. This is done through group work or by splitting the class. In some cases the learning objectives can be taught as a whole class. 


We teach a four year rolling programme and all classes focus on the same overarching topic which allows teachers to teach mixed age classes more successfully. This also supports those year groups split over two different classes. In some small cases where this cannot be done, e.g science, children will split into 'whole year group' classes and be taught together as a whole year group with additional adult support. 


How many children are there in a class?

This varies by class. All infant classes are at 30 or below. 


What happens if my child needs extra support?

All children's social and academic achievements are carefully monitored. At any point if staff or parents have any concerns we will start our 'graduated' response. This means our special educational needs coordinator , SENCO, will observe the pupil in class, chat to parents and staff and identify if additional support is needed. The SENCO will communicate regularly with parents during this time and discuss any further support or assessments which may be required. This will be reviewed regularly and further support put in place if required. 


My child has a special educational need, how can you help?

Firstly please contact the school for an appointment so we can discuss your child's needs and the support they require. We would then create a plan of support which will include a transition programme, discussion with relevant early years and/or medical professionals and take on board current provision and medical plans in place. We have staff who have received a wide range of training on autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech and language and sensory needs among others. 


Do you provide universal free school meals?

All infant children have the option for free school meals. Our school meals are provided by 'The Hungry Tree' and food is locally sourced. We provide a range of hot meals and cater for vegetarians and those who have food allergies .



What additional breakfast and after school care is available for my child?

We have an external provider on site who offers breakfast club and after school club provision. Breakfast club is from 8am and afterschool club finishes at 5.30pm. Please contact the school for further information.


What are your September induction procedures like?

We have a staggered intake for the first week with all children invited in full time from week two. For the first week the children will attend mornings only. 


Would my child get to visit in the summer term before they start school?

Normally we have five visit days throughout June/July. The children are invited in for about an hour and a half to become familiar with the environment and meet the staff. This will be dependent on government guidance and further information will be given in May 2022.


What support will my child get if they are finding it hard to settle into school?

We want to make sure your child's start to school life is a positive one. If at any point you or our staff feel your child is finding things difficult we will discuss changes to the provision with you. Changes will depend on what the underlying issues are. If attending full time is too challenging, then we will discuss a timetable which will support your child. We would normally expect a child to be in full time by October half term depending on their emotional and learning needs. 


If you have any questions which have not been answered please either book an appointment to speak to the Head Teacher or email the school with your queries. We are here to help.