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10 Dyslexia Friendly Tips for working at home

  • Keep the working area clear and organised.
  • Use pastel coloured paper.
  • Have useful resources ready, a reading ruler, a word spacer, a whiteboard and coloured pen.
  • Use the night light setting on your laptop or device to adjust the screen colour/brightness.
  • Use a multi sensory approach – visuals, models, resources, sand, magnetic letters or video clips etc.
  • Try multi sensory learning – using two or more senses during learning such as using real objects, building models, drawing a picture before writing.
  • Make a word bank/sheet to refer to of words that you might need for a piece of work before starting the activity. Or use Twinkl to find a word mat to print and use.
  • Break instructions into simple steps – one at a time.
  • Give plenty of thinking time.
  • To support memory use mind maps, drawing pictures of ideas, taking note or the recording function on a ipad if writing to help remember what is being written.

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