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We pride ourselves in the many successful partnerships we have with the parents and guardians at East Coker School. We have a highly active PFTA, Parent Forum and effective communication apps which help build a great school with great partnerships. 


Parent Forum was created two years ago to further increase the successful working partnership between families and school. We have at least one representative for each class and we meet half termly to discuss whole school issues raised by parents as well as discuss new projects the school would like to work. Through Parent Forum we have made improvements to homework, spelling, school transition, residentials and swimming etc. Please look on our parent page for more information. 


We use many different methods of communication to ensure our community is kept well informed at all times. The PTFA set up an app called Classlist which staff and parents use to communicate with each other about events and things which are happening in school. It is a quick and effective way to clarify any queries and extremely supportive to new parents. 


The school uses 'The School App' to communicate most letters and events with the parent/guardian community. Regular letters go out via this app as well as important prompts and reminders about day to day things happening in the school. 


We also use ParentPay to support families with quick payments of school meals and any visits and trips as well as an online booking system for parent evenings. We believe that the quicker and easier we can make things for parents and the school the better it is for everyone. This year we also used the video call feature on our parent evening booking app as we could not meet face to face. 


We strongly encourage families to contact the school via email or phone no matter how small a concern, and staff regularly contact families should they have any concerns or wish to share things which are going well. We also often have face to face events for parents so the children can celebrate and share what they have been doing in school. 


Regular communication is of huge importance to the school and something we constantly strive to improve. We value all parental feedback and suggestions on how we can continually build positive partnerships and make improvements within our school community.