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Welcome to East Coker Primary School


Thank you for considering East Coker Primary School. We are now able to offer face to face tours and chats with the Head Teacher which you can arrange by contacting the school office. In addition to this there is a wealth of information for you about our school in this section. We want to give you as much information as we can, in order to help give you a strong picture of what life at East Coker School is really all about so you can make that all important decision with as much information as possible. 


How to make an application

Please go to our admissions page in the key information section for links and information regarding applications for school places. Many of our pupils come from in and around Yeovil and out of catchment areas, as well as from the surrounding villages. There are two bus services provided for those pupils in the village catchment areas. 


Further Information

Please look a the links below for further information. If you would like to book a tour and chat with the Head Teacher, please contact the school office on: 01935 862532. Appointments will be available from October.