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PE & Activity Ideas at Home

Government Guidelines have introduced Social Distancing, School closures and the ban on all organised sporting activities. However, they have also been clear that exercise and get outside is still very important! 


Children should aim to be physically active for 60mins every day!! 


Physical Activity and Exercise can improve our health, make us feel better, give us more energy and it reduces the risk of developing several diseases. Being active also release natural endorphins that make us feel much happier. This is very important at this time. Therefore I have compiled some activities which you can do at home or outside with little equipment. Have fun with them, and why not send us some pictures of you doing them! 


Send pictures to Mrs Webber via Classlist or email to 

PE & Sport at Home

The Coker Skills Challenge at Home 

Each Monday 2 new Coker Skills Challenges will be posted. They can be done throughout the week so have a go and see whether you can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. Don't forget you can send me pictures and your results for completing them. 



Tuesdays & Thursday - Youth Sports Trust After School Club 


It is such as shame that all of the children's clubs and activities have been cancelled. At East Coker we are proud that so many of our children participate in after school clubs. 


Well fortunately, you still can. The Youth Sports Trust host a live After School Club on their You Tube with many of their athlete ambassadors. The sessions run on a Tuesday and Thursday at 17:00 and are aimed at all age ranges. Parents, you could even join in too!

Wednesday - PE Lesson 

For your PE lesson each week, we have been invited to join in with the Live Chance to Shine Cricket Sessions. 

Wednesday 14:00-14:45 


The sessions are aimed at all ages and the guys give options to resources you can make use of at home or in school. This is a fab way to hone the skills previously learnt in cricket which are fundemental in so many other sports as well, whilst remaining active.

Feel-Good Friday

One of the key activities to making me feel good is getting outside for some exercise, whether that be a nice walk in the country or a run. 


As part of Feel Good Friday, spend some time getting out for a run or walk. In school, we will be encouraging the children to get out and do their daily mile also. Why not send me your strava maps or pictures of you out doing it. 


Other exercise Ideas

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SASP Activity Timetable

Joe Wicks - LIVE 


PE with Joe - Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 09:00

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