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Junior Offer - Year 3 to Year 6 

Our junior children have been taught to use MS Teams regularly throughout the autumn term. During lockdown we will continue to teach remotely via MS Teams with our normal curriculum offer as much as we can. Paper packs and laptops are available on request via the school office. We will also send out sketchbooks to support with our art projects. If you require any paints please let us know.


We will offer daily live morning lessons, video lessons, quizzes and online activities and feedback on pupil work will be daily for maths, English and topic work. These activities will be equal to four hours of work if it has been done properly and if the children are working to the standard they normally would in school. This information can be found on the class pages and there is a class timetable to support with structuring the home learning day.


We will also offer 'catch-up' live sessions with a teaching assistant for children identified by the class teacher as requiring extra support or encouragement as well as live one to one sessions for our pupils with additional learning needs. In addition to the normal topic work we will provide well being activities and PE sessions at least once a week. To ease pressure on workload our lessons on Well Being Wednesday and Feel Good Friday will be more practical based. There are also our weekly infant and junior assemblies and Mr Rich's weekly podcast.


Teachers will provide regular daily feedback which will also form part of their assessment on your child's work and progress. Additional assessment may come in the form of My Maths, Times Table Rock Stars, Spelling Frame tests along with quizzes and class discussions during live sessions. 


It is hugely important that the children continue to read each day as they would be in school. They should read their reading books and any appropriate reading materials at home of interest to them. There are several free websites where children can read online and the class teachers will signpost you to these sites. If you require paper books due to lack of devices, please contact the school office as we will support you with this. 


Parents will need to support their children by encouraging them to do their best and take their time to ensure the tasks are done to their best ability. During last lockdown the normal high quality of writing was not consistent in the junior classes and we will be encouraging the children to produce high quality writing at all times.


The class teachers will be monitoring the work the children engage in and should we have any concerns we will be in touch to ask how we can support you. We understand that every family has their own challenging circumstances and  that everyone is trying to do their best. We may however, be able to offer more support to your child if they need it. 


More information can be found on the class pages or by email the class teachers.