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Feel Good Friday Activities

Every Friday I will post an art/music activity for our Junior aged children. This can be accessed below. You may decide to send a short video back of what you have done, but this is optional. 


There will also be an activity from the Oak National Academy. Over the next few weeks this will be on photography.


If you are short of time, please choose one you are most interested in doing.

Thank you 

Mrs H-W.

Music Challenge

The next few challenges will be around the theme of Dr Who. We will be looking at composing in music around the music of Dr Who. You will then compose your own piece of music at the end of the topic.

Photography Challenge

Well-Known Authors - Optional

The Literacy Network and Oak National Academy have a weekly 'Author Of The Week' section. There is a video from the author, free book to read and lots of activities. 


This week the author is...