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In September 2014 the new National Curriculum became statutory to all state schools.
At East Coker we deliver the required curriculum content within the context of a wide-ranging and interesting programme which is designed to develop the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in all the different subject areas as well as cross-curricular themes.

The Foundation Stage Curriculum covers all the areas of learning for our reception pupils; this is still based on the practical, first-hand principles followed by the pre-school provisions which the children attended.

Key Stage 1 classes begin the programmes of study required by the National Curriculum but have the flexibility to follow topics of the teachers’ choice to deliver the expected skills and understanding. There is an increasing emphasis on the teaching of phonics which goes alongside other methods of developing literacy skills.
Key Stage 2 classes have a responsibility to teach a four-year programme which puts an emphasis on literacy and numeracy together with a specific content for foundation subjects.
Largely, these are covered through the use of cross-curricular units as well as optional content as time allows.
The school staff remain committed to the wider aspects of education and seek to maintain the school’s policy of providing a wide range of experiences and opportunities designed to inspire and develop the whole child at this crucial stage of academic development.


More detailed information can be found on our class pages in the children's section and the  'Supporting Your Child' in our parents section.