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In February, East Coker Primary School started a #Be Kind Paper chain in response to the negative social media comments which resulted in the passing of Caroline Flack. Children's names go on a paper chain strip every time they are 'caught being kind'. During lockdown we have kept this going and here are the latest nominations...


Well Done Everyone angel We really do have some very thoughtful children at our school


Oliver Turner

For his offer to help with the housework. He hoovered the kitchen and did a great job!


Leo Turner

For his help this week with the drying up after dinner most days and picking up dog poo on daily walks with the dogs!

George and Henry Marr

For helping their Mum hang the clothes out to dry. 


Violet Ware

For being really good at getting on with her work each day, without making a fuss. She always helps her brother to clear the table once we have eaten. She is always polite and says thank you after each meal, and she’s also got really good at topping up her Mum’s Prosecco glass when it’s running low!!!


Eden and Luka Randall

For taking the washing in and then sorting it into piles and then putting their own washing away, which usually never happens!!


Lottie Adamson

Nominated by Jessie Rogers Mum.

For making a beautiful picture for Jessie and bringing her a treat after she had a fall. Thank you Lottie for making Jessie smile.


Lauren Beaven

Lauren had drawn and posted rainbows to her grandparents for their windows. One Grandma had said how sad her friend was, as she was home alone in Essex (she lost her husband and her Mum was in a nursing home). So to cheer her up and send a little love, Lauren decided to draw and send her a rainbow too!


Jack Primmer

For working very hard to be helpful to his Mummy while her foot is broken. He is carrying things up and down the stairs for her and helping her walk their dog, Guinness.


Mollie Newman

It was her neighbours birthday yesterday and as he was not able to celebrate with his family, like he usually would, Mollie made him a card and baked him and his wife some cookies as a treat.


Austin Gillman

For being really helpful at home and for helping teach his little sister Tess how to ride her bike without stabilisers.


Isobelle and Jasper Ward

As every year we started by sowing our fruit and vegetable seeds for the garden however this year all of the seeds decided to grow which was amazing but also left us with tomato and cucumber plants coming out of our ears!!!!! The children have been listening to Chris Evans on the radio in the mornings with us and have been hearing of all wonderful things people have been doing to raise money for a very well deserved charity Scrubs - Scrubs Glorious Scrubs, a group of volunteers sewing scrubs for hospitals. So after hearing these stories the children thought it would be a great idea to try an sell some of our seedlings and donate any money raised to Scrubs. Every £5 raised is enough to make one scrub uniform. 

They started by repotting the seedlings and watering them, helping daddy build a table from old wood to have something to put them on and to make a sign. They have really enjoyed pulling all of this together and have worked really well as a team!


Tia and Kaisha Ellis

For helping each other on spelling frame.



Harrison White

For helping prepare dinner with everyone. Holding his sister’s hand to help her walk because she was scared of the mole hills. He has helped lay the table for dinner every evening. He has helped wash the cars and with his Daddy, has walked their dog Dexter. 


Jessica Robinson

She had to go to the hospital for her eyes. Without prompting, she asked if she could take her “ People who help us “ homework to the nurse to say thank you! It made her day in a hot face mask and gloves!


Bethany Shayler

Bethany loves to make things but she has a two year old sister who then wants to play with Bethany’s creations. Whilst in lockdown this has obviously been a daily struggle and instead of getting cross with Penny her sister, she has kindly been making Penny her own ”pet ladybird” or whatever the creation of the day is. This has made her Mummy’s life easier because there are less arguments and tantrums and also it has made her little sister very happy. 



Isobel Stacey

For helping her sister Emma maintain her swim training, by reading her sets, keeping track of timing and keeping her motivated. 



Seren Pritchard

She has been amazing, she has baked cakes and delivered them to neighbours. She made a birthday card for a neighbour because he couldn’t see his friends. She has also been very helpful around the house and helped her Mum paint the garden fence. 


Daisy Gledhill

For finding a dock leaf for her sister Violet when she got stung by nettles on their walk. 


Elodie and Thais Comstive

For being really super and great fun. They have stayed positive and worked really hard on their lessons. Thais has become a fantastic cook, regularly making meals for the family, and baking delicious cakes and treats. 

Both girls have embraced ‘clean up’ Friday helping to clean the house from top to bottom. They also helped to point an enormous wall - Elodie’s little fingers really helped get in all the nooks and crannies so it looks fantastic.


Robert Parham

For being kind by playing with Ben, and baking delicious treats to share and helping Faye with her performing arts challenges. He also rescued Ben from the pond this week! 


Ben Parham

For helping to set the table for dinner and helping Faye with her performing arts challenges too.


Faye Parham

For being kind and making her Mum lunch. She cooked a delicious pizza from scratch with homemade dough and it was a real treat for her Mum to have something cooked for her. 

All of them for keeping it together and trying so hard with their school work. 


Kaisha Ellis

Nominated by Katie Parham

For sending Katie a picture of a Rainbow and a Unicorn which really cheered her up!


Philly Lane

For baking cakes after cakes and not eating them herself,  but wanting to give them out to other family and families.


Millie-Mae Eastment

She has written  lovely letters, drawn pictures and made little positive booklets for her Grandad who lives 250 miles away and also for an elderly gentleman who is one of her Mum’s clients who lives on his own and has no family. 


Jessie Rogers

She has made cards for the residents in her village who live on their own and she delivered these with a gift from neighbours in her street. 


Toby Callow

His Mum hurt her wrist and wasn’t allowed to get it wet so he offered to do the washing up and help cook the tea. 


Oscar Rowe

On his daily walk with the dogs Oscar found some litter on the ground. He picked it up and brought it back to put in the bin at his home.


Isabella Smout

For helping around the house, making her and Frankie’s beds and laying the table for tea. 


Frankie Smout

Frankie held Isabella’s leg when she fell over and hurt her knee and helped to clean her knee up and look after her.


Jack Haig-Brown

For making his and Toby’s lunch while his Mummy was busy working. 


Toby Haig-Brown

For hoovering the whole of the upstairs without being asked. 


Monty and Harry Entwistle

They both worked extremely hard on our family “Ship Shape Saturday” (not easy to say!) Saturday mornings have now become their family cleaning day and the boys are responsible for hoovering, tidying and dusting their rooms.


Lucas and Marla Stevenson 

Both children have been very helpful looking after their little sister over the last few weeks when needed and have helped with chores around the house and they have not once moaned about doing their homework either!


Lottie Adamson

For making her Mum a cup of coffee each week day morning when they all have a break from work!


Sophia, Emily and Henry Barnes

Nominated by their Grandma and Grandad Geary. 

For making lots of beautiful rainbow 🌈 pictures to be packed with each set of scrubs that the family have volunteered to make for the NHS, 40 sets so far. Also for caring for the vegetable plants in the garden. 


Freddie and Isla Jones

For drawing rainbows for the bin men, and leaving surprise treats for the postman to find.


Oscar Harwood

For regularly walking his Nana’s dog as she is not able to go out and then while he was out walking, he picked lots of grass and dock leaves for his sisters guinea pig. 


Evie Andrews

Her Mum and brother George had to go to the local shop to do some shopping and in that time Evie vacuumed the whole of the downstairs and made lunch for the three of them. 


Alarna  Horsley

For very kindly asking her Mummy if she could help prepare the tea and she also offered to lay the table. Her help was very much appreciated. 


Corey Montacute

For helping his little sister Esme with her handwriting and helping her to learn phonics.


Bradley and Callum Frost

They baked some Easter treats for their cousins. They were delicious and Corey and Esme loved the surprise!


Oscar and Millie Sansom

Oscar for helping his sister and for thinking of others by drawing pictures to cheer them up!

Millie for being so kind and caring to all her family members, especially making sure she checks on her Granny on FaceTime!


Charlie, Harriet and Tommy Whetham

Tommy helped Harriet when she fell over in the stinging nettles on her walk by crushing the nettles then looking after her on the walk home. 

Charlie helped Tommy with his maths homework and helped him build his Lego which he had for Christmas. 

Harriet looked after Tommy when he fell off the trampoline and has been a superstar looking after and helping her Mummy. 


Evie and George Andrews

They have both been absolutely fantastic at home with their father away since December and now coping with the lockdown. They have both been really helpful around the house, tidying their toys when asked and playing really nicely together. 

George  Graff

He made a picture and an “If you need help card” for an elderly neighbour. 


Elizabeth Graff

She made the elderly neighbour a hat, picture and a “If you need any help card”. 


Helena Adamson

For being a superstar by helping her sister with her Easter word search and laying the table every night for dinner without being asked. 


Oliver Pearce

For helping his Daddy in the garden at the weekend and for helping to make sandwiches at lunchtime for him and Willow. 


Willow Pearce

For helping her brother with his school work and helping with breakfast in the morning. 


Annabelle Saunders

For being kind and caring, she is writing to a little boy who lives down the road from her so he doesn’t get upset in isolation and he has someone he can talk to. 


William Stallard

For helping keep his brother busy while his Mum and Dad are working, he has been a fabulous help. 


Edie & Avril Stewart 

On their daily walks the girls were getting concerned for the animals as people were putting poo bags down animal burrows around the village. So they decided to go out with rubber gloves and bin bags and clear them.


Oran White

For being really kind helping his Mummy do all the recycling and helping his Dad do the decking and vegetable planters in the garden. He has also been an amazing big brother to his 4 year old sister Avee by playing with her and teaching her new games. 


Kirsten Cotter

For an act of kindness. Her Mum has flu and she was really kind yesterday making her Mum a drink and getting blankets for her. 


Honey Jones

Honey has made 19 beautiful flower pictures for all the residents of a local care home. 


Anna Frost

She has been studiously ready to do her schoolwork by 8.30am everyday and with very little input from Mum and Dad due to their work. She made tea one night and has been helping with cleaning and tidying the house. 


Daisy Gledhill

For being kind to her sister and making sure she helped her find everything on a nature treasure hunt they did and for helping her Mummy with some chores this week. 


Oran  & Avee White

For doing something very kind. Their Nana was feeling very sad as she was missing them lots. So they made a lovely picture for her and dropped it on her doorstep. 


Tiggy Hyde-Phillips

For doing her homework without fuss, helping her brothers, tidying her room and giving her brother the last biscuit!


Daddy David

For being a wonderful stepdad and helping us every day. 


Freddy Ashton

Freddy did a very kind thing all off his own back. He set the table for breakfast, got everything out ready for everyone to surprise us all! Such a lovely surprise when everyone came downstairs. 


Toby Callow

For being kind and offering to help do the hoovering while his Mummy had to do some work bits. Also he helped his brother to draw and paint a rainbow for the window. 


Louis Callow

For helping to tidy his toys away.