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Please refer to the DFE tables for our statutory results


We are extremely proud of our children and their results this year. The staff have worked exceptionally hard to embed the significant changes we have made over the last two years in teaching phonics and maths in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and grammar, punctuation and spelling in Year 6.


Over the last two years:


  • Phonics scores have risen by 16%

  • Year 2 maths has risen by 32% and is above national average

  • Year 2 reading has risen by 11% and is above national average

  • Year 2 writing remains consistently above national average

  • Year 6 reading has improved by 23% and is above the national average

  • Year 6 grammar has improved by 13% and is now in line with national average

  • Year 6 writing has improved by 10% in the last year